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Let your brand stand out with a completely unique USB drive

USB Flash Drive Customisation Process

For something truly unique to your brand, let us design and manufacture a fully customised USB flash drive.


Custom USB moulds are commonly made from soft-touch plastic, known as rubberised PVC, but can also be manufactured from ABS plastic, metal, wood/bamboo, leather or silicon.


Our seamless three-step process makes it easy.

Concept & Design

Our professional designers can create a flash drive from virtually any product, logo or shape.


Send us a sketch, photograph, product, logo or icon for a 2D or 3D design based on your requirements. Depending on their complexity, designs and quotes take 24-48 hours.


For quick turnaround, be sure to include brand identity guidelines such as high-resolution logo, colour references and font types.

Mould & Sample

Once your design is approved, we will create the mould and produce a sample within one week.

We will send high-resolution images of the sample for final approval.


Physical samples can be provided for a small fee. At this stage, changes can still be made but will be charged for.

Production & Delivery

Upon final approval, we begin full production.


The lead-time depends on the complexity of the design and the quantity.


We will keep you informed as your unique creation moves through the production and shipping stages.