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These days, content is king, and pre-loading data turns a modest flash drive into a powerful communication tool.

The data can be loaded in three ways – embedded/locked, auto-run/auto-play or standard load. We can also name the drive to show your company/brand when the unit is plugged in. Read more about our USB data loading options.

For important or large documents, such as annual reports, catalogues, company profiles, prospectuses or research findings, consider converting your publication into a digital USB book.

Helpful hint – don’t overload the drive with data. We recommend that you leave at least 50% of the capacity available otherwise recipients probably won’t make use of the unit.
6. Brand your packaging

Attractive packaging can make your investment go further and branded packaging further boosts the impact of your USB campaign.

Recipients often keep packaging for other uses, extending the life of the item and providing added brand awareness.
7. Go custom

A tailor-made flash drive enhances brand cohesion, recognition and awareness. A custom USB not only makes a huge impact, but this unique item can also be repurposed for multiple applications.

For example, you might want a customised USB for a specific event or campaign, but this same design can be reused for other purposes, including exhibitions, conferences, training, staff incentives and rewards, corporate communication and much more.

This helps to solidify your brand with internal and external stakeholders, providing a platform upon which your company or product can communicate and thrive.


If you need assistance with or advice on any of the above, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Be sure to use the Links section on our Contact page to follow us for more insights on USB tools and applications.